Fashion Asia Award

In 2013, we became the first in our country to win the Most Fashionable Contest award at the Fashion Asia Awards held in China. The award was given to the manner in which we incorporated art and design into our flagship event, TNL Onstage. What the world has seen in events like Fashion Rocks, we had built independently here in our country with our own collision of visual and sound driven arts, so that imagery and music making can make a soul-moving impression. The Fashion Asia Awards is a platform through which Asian media promotes fresh talent and recognizes and rewards the excellence and achievements of the creative and ambitious. Each nominee represents their own country and is selected by a panel of international judges. We won on behalf of our country against four other countries nominated for the same category. We have enhanced the visual experience of Onstage over the years through video imaging, special graphic designs for our artists, and sponsors, vibrant stage settings, and technologically and creatively driven expressions of the way Onstage music and experiences makes us feel, and made the event a trend-setter in every sense of the word.


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