Blaze got together about a year ago and have been performing at many events and competitions. They are a beatboxing group and most of their performances are based on backing music however we perform acapella as well. They are inspired by contemporary musicians as well as the early 2000's artists, and their goal is to achieve an international platform for Sri Lankan talent and to always Love. Peace. Beatbox.


Quadrant was formed as a part of another band we're involved in at the moment. Inspiration wise, there's quite a few, ranging from legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.We hope people enjoy our music, and regardless of how far we'll make it, it's definitely one off the bucket list to get chosen for the knockout rounds of TNL on stage.

Sky Puppies

A bunch of friends who crossed paths, jammed together and loved each other’s vibe and chemistry decided to form the Sky Puppies. They have played a few private functions in the recent past as a full band but mostly played in two piece and three piece settings in the past few years.

The Blitz

The Blitz started off as a three piece band and are currently playing across multiple venues in Colombo. The members were initially from separate bands, and having met at multiple gigs, gradually started off as a full time band.

The D N M Crew

Dush & Malin were friends from school who had a similar passion for Hip-Hop, and started off with school events, which eventually led to them performing at gigs and open mics. They like to be innovative and entertaining through the music they create.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey has been active since 2015 and have featured in many events and taken part in various competitions! As a band they always wanted to take part at TNL Onstage as it has unearthed much local talent in the past. They look forward to entertaining Sri Lanka with a wide variety of genres.


A few close friends who got together and started jamming for fun while wanting to share their talent with a larger audience came together to form Trishira. After performing at an open mic they thought of applying to TNL Onstage. Trishira is a heavy/progressive metal band with a Sri Lankan twist.

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