Andrea has been singing ever since she was a kid. She’s been part of church, school and university choirs in Chennai and Bangalore. She has also played gigs in India for the past 4 years, performing at venues like ITC Grand Chola, the Taj group of hotels, Sheraton, the Hilton and at various pubs and restaurants in Chennai and Bangalore. She also plays the ukulele.


Anuja is a self-taught musician. He is also a songwriter and hopes to release his own music. Like many his age, he learnt the guitar by watching YouTube videos. He also plays the ukulele, keyboard and the harmonica. He says that winning TNL Onstage will give him an opportunity to record his own music and also a platform to release it.


Music plays a major part in Britney’s life. She started out on the guitar when she was five years old. Her dad, well-known guitarist Rohan Francis, brother Ranen Francis and grandfather M.S Fernando inspired her to become a Singer and a Guitarist.


It's been 12 years since Chanchala first took part at Onstage and even more time has passed since Lion King in 99. She got back into it for fun. She plays with a band called Dissident but they’re mostly in the studio still (meaning they haven't performed publicly). She just decided to wing it with some open mic nights recently and wants to see how it goes!


A former member of the school choir at Holy Family Convent, Colombo 04, Danushie has music running through her veins and an extra funny bone. Bright and bubbly, her tastes include the genres of Jazz and Hip Hop.


Joel’s family is very music oriented, his grandma’s brother was Neville Fernando. Music has been in his blood since his family’s inception. He loves a huge spectrum of music and has been singing as long as he could string sentences together. There’s nothing he enjoys more than closing his eyes and singing aloud when no one’s around. He truly believes as long as there’s feeling behind any song, it’s a good song.


Premshan grew up singing and playing guitar, piano and drums at church and at his school, Carey College. During his school days he did the Bhathkande Music degree and went on till the first part of Visharada as a Violinist and was a part of the senior brass band in college. After leaving school he worked two day jobs and subsequently quit them to pursue a career in music.


Prashani is an architect who loves to sing and doesn’t believe in sticking to one genre.She has completed Trinity College Rock and Pop vocal examinations and has performed at the Wow festival in 2017. She hopes that Onstage will become a platform to showcase her talent.


Renato established his roots at the senior Choir of St. Joseph's College and is currently gigging as a part time musician. He is also a songwriter dreaming of a place in the music industry with diverse taste in music.


Sanghavi is an amateur singer who is starting small. She has been part of the music scene since she was 12, with covers and originals. She has also been a part of various singing competitions and covers songs from the Poppy side of music.


Shehan has been singing since he was a kid and is now pursuing music as a career whilst expanding his avenues into content creation, script writing, acting, and directing. He hopes to be releasing singles very soon on streaming platforms.


Tharumalee has been singing since she was a kid. She’s had some vocal training, and has also been playing the piano since she was 4. She loves Micheal Buble.

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